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Our Services

Our primary goal is to provide our customers with dependable quality tomato ingredients in the most efficient manner possible. Our conclusive problem solving, procurement and responsive customer service has rewarded us with customer and supplier loyalty going back over 35 years.

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Technical Support

We provide our clients with technical and specification support as well as assisting in determining tomato varieties, best time of pack, maximizing yields and other proven cost reduction initiatives.

COA Analysis

Westcon Foods reviews every COA at time of shipment to ensure the product complies with the customer’s specification.

Set Up Product Shipments

The customer simply faxes or e-mails the order request to Westcon Foods and we do all the work from setting up the shipment with the supplier to getting it in transit to your production facility.


Westcon Foods works with numerous freight companies and ship from multiple origins to multiple destinations. Rail, ocean or over the road, we know freight and make every effort to offer alternative sources where savings can reach the customer’s bottom line.

Shipment Tracking

Westcon Foods tracks each shipment from origin to destination.

Report on Contract Balances

Westcon Foods maintains a database of contracted inventory balances and publishes those to the customer as often as requested.

Claims Process

Westcon Foods is the point of contact to ensure any claim is handled quickly and appropriately.

International Services

Westcon Foods has a network of International Suppliers. Where domestic product has run short, or is otherwise unavailable, we have the means to fulfill production needs.

Market Analysis

Westcon Foods provides updates on tomato crop conditions, industry inventories and relevant industry developments.

Tomato School

Westcon Foods’ principal background is in industrial tomato processing. We offer our clients an onsite tomato school where we teach their employees the entire process for manufacturing tomato paste and diced. This begins with plants in the ground to processed paste and diced leaving the production facility.

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